WYC Attend the Biggest Ever OnSide Presidents Cup

Young people from across Warrington came together to represent WYC in what was the biggest OnSide Presidents Cup competition to date.

Warrington Youth Club Onside Presidents Cup 201914 Youth Zones from across the country took part in the fantastic annual event, hosted by Wigan Youth Zone, with around 500 young people attending overall. The WYC Sport teams (winners of the 2018 Bill Holroyd Fair Play award) competed in hockey, climbing, wheelchair basketball and a mini triathlon.

Our group of seniors showed incredible talent, resilience and sportsmanship in the outdoor hockey tournament that took place during the horrendous Storm Hannah weather on Saturday.

Onside Presidents Cup 2019 Warrington Youth ClubMeanwhile our juniors, who despite not having access (yet!*) to the traditional climbing wall and wheelchairs, competed excellently in both sports, finishing a combined 5th place.

It wasn’t all about sport though. Dance and creative art were also showcased. With the key words being ‘togetherness’ and ‘unity’, young people were tasked with creating a dance routine and artistic sculpture to reflect this.

WYC Onside Presidents Cup 2019

There was a fair amount of success for WYC across all competitions and disciplines, however this year it was Wolverhampton’s ‘The Way’ Youth Zone who took home the overall trophy after a brilliant performance in both the junior and senior events.

A massive congratulations goes to them and to all the Youth Zones for a fantastic display of competition, sportsmanship and diversity. WYC are already looking forward to the next tournament in Wolverhampton where we will look to build on the fantastic success we’ve had this year.

Chorley’s Inspire Youth Zone created a video showing the highlights of the day 

To find out more, visit our Senior Youth Club  and Junior Youth Club pages

*the new Warrington Youth Zone will feature both