The 2020 Rea Muir award winner

Warrington Youth Club ended the year on a high as we presented our annual Rea Muir award for 2020.

The trophy and award is given in memory of Rea Muir, one of our Senior Youth Club members who achieved so much in her time with WYC, and was a much loved member of WYC and the Warrington community as a whole.

As usual, the award is given to an individual from our Senior Youth Club who has fought hard to overcome adversity with the support of WYC.

The celebration this year was slightly more low-key, as attendees kept to social distancing rules and regulations whilst inside the Peace Centre. However, this didn’t stop a really worthy recipient receiving the award for 2020.

We are delighted to announce the 2020 winner for the award is Becky Naylor. Congratulations Becky on being such a worthy recipient of the award. We are sure that Rea would be proud of you for winning.

Rea and our 2020 winner, Becky.

Congratulations, Becky, on your award!