Buddy Up at Safety Central

Earlier this month our Buddy Up group visited Safety Centre to view the facilities.

As an interactive life skills centre, it teaches young people to stay safe, keep healthy and be happy.
Upon arrival our twelve young people and four youth workers from WYC were welcomed by the Safety Central team and invited to take part in an interactive quiz to test how much we knew about different aspects of safety.

WYC Safety Central Buddy UpA tour of the facilities followed, they have a mock-up urban environment with road crossings, a train station, car accident, a three-bedroom house with a shed and garden, police station, courtroom and more. Our group took part in 14 different activities around safety on the street, fire, online, health & wellbeing as well as indoor and outdoor dangers including a building site, on the farm and what to and not to do in our own home.

Isabelle Rudge commented on the experience “The two rangers who took us through activity were so knowledgeable, helpful and patient throughout. Our young people learnt so much which was evident when we completed the same quiz again at the end of the day and got 95% correct as opposed to 47% the first time”

“We all enjoyed our time at Safety Central and found it extremely educational, the young people learned so much whilst having fun at the same time. It was especially beneficial for young people on the Buddy Up programme as some could have been vulnerable in situations we saw. This experience has given them more information about how to keep themselves safe. We look forward to returning soon and having another great day!”

Parent feedback:

“What a lovely trip D & C had today, they both very excited when I pick them up from Safety Central, telling me all the activities they’ve done today. And the staff were very kind and welcoming. D was telling me driving rules while we drove home and tested fire alarms as soon as we got home. They both showed me the recovery position on the floor. It was certainly a very enjoyable and informative trip, thanks everyone who made a such successful trip.”

Feedback from young people – typos left in for authenticity!:

“I enjoyed the fire station and my most faveroute bit was seeing what happens when you leave a laptop on your bed. I also enjoyed the train and seeing what is dangerous and what is not. what i didn’t enjoy is the noise,it was to loud! my second faveroute bit was LUNCH. If you dont belive me,thats ok. i enjoyed the quiz to”

“It is very good i liked the tesco and the road and the house, my fav part was gift shop, what A’s message said above it was to loud she said but i think the sound was fine, lunch was good, it was fine, i even loved the laptop on the bed causeing fire ok thx for reading this lol lol”

See our Buddy Up page for further information or visit Safety Central for details on the venue