OnSide Recreational Night

WYC were proud to host the first ever north-west OnSide Youth Zones Recreational Tournament at the Peace Centre on Tuesday 4th February 2020.

This was the first time that WYC has hosted an event of this size for other Youth Zones and the whole evening proved to be a massive success.

Each Youth Zone team had a mixed team of eight young people and in a round robin format each team competed against each other in recreational sports including Pool, Darts, Table Tennis and Table Football with points being awarded on how the players performed.

After nearly 2 hours of competition, Inspire Youth Zone in Chorley were crowned champions and received a silver trophy and a gold medal each. Manchester Youth Zone were runners up with Wigan Youth Zone finishing in 3rd place.

A buffet was provided for everyone and then the YZ teams joined in with WYC Senior Youth Club.

Matt Taylor, WYC Youth Worker was delighted with how the evening went and commented “Thank you to all the YZ’s that joined us that evening and to the WYC team for their support and help in hosting this event and congratulations to Inspire! We look forward to the next event”

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