Matty, Mark & Sharples conquer Snowdon

Remember the incredible Matty Brennan who last year cycled 110km on a tandem raising £50k for WYC with our Chairman Mark Brocklehurst? Well he’s only gone and done another challenge.

This time he joined Mark and The Sharples Group team on Saturday 11th May to conquer Snowdon in Wales, again to raise money for WYC.

Karen Horan, Office Manager of The Sharples Group was part of the Snowdon team and has sent us a report of their adventure;

“There were 11 of us taking the challenge, we fuelled up at McDonalds before heading to the Llanberis campsite where we were going to spend the night once we had returned from Snowdon.The sun was shining but there was a cold wind, so we all made sure we were all properly kitted up before we set off, with Matty and I leading the climb linking arms.

Matty’s initial enthusiasm waned a little when he realised it wasn’t going to be easy and his pace slowed. Fortunately, with a little encouragement and regular re-fuelling stops he soon got back into the swing of it. He enjoyed pointing out the animas we spotted on the way and as a great lover of dogs he greeted each one we encountered with a cheery “morning gorgeous”, which made us laugh as the owners would think he was talking to them!

He was amazed at high we were climbing and was very excited at the thought of walking in and above the clouds. Seeing his face when we finally reached the top of Snowdon was priceless, his eyes filled up with tears of excitement, and relief, I think!

After a visit to the mountain café we started the descent down, it was tough going as it was cold, wet and steep but we all helped each other down with words of encouragement and some singing!  Finally, after 7 hours and 30 minutes we reached the bottom after walking 10 miles in total.  We were all very tired, but after we pitched the tents, we set up our camp chairs in a circle to play games and have a BBQ”

Well done and a big thank you to Matty, Ania, Paul, Mia, Thomas, Mark, Tracey, Tom, Karen, Colin and Nuvvy! You can make a donation here