Thursday evening saw young people from all over Warrington graduating from the NCS programme, becoming part of a network of around 3000 young people from Warrington to have completed the programme with Warrington Youth Club and nearly half a million people nationwide.

The evening was opened with Priestley student Kier Leighton performing a number of songs, including one of his own! Young people from UTC Warrington told us about their experiences during programme, how it helped them to bond, learn new skills and make a difference to their community and UTC staff were then presented with a Champion School Award to recognise their hard work and commitment in all of their students taking the NCS opportunity.

The highlight of the evening was Barrow Hall student Liam Lupton talking about his own struggles with social interaction and low self-esteem and how NCS had helped him gain new friends, a new, more positive outlook on life and new belief that with hard work he could achieve anything.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Wendy Johnson was particularly impressed with Liam’s journey, saying “the work undertaken here is extremely impressive.”

The evening finished with a party and young people dancing the night away and even a few games of limbo, celebrating their hard work and achievements over the past 6 weeks.

To sign up to NCS or for more information, please contact the team on 01925 909678 or visit warringtonyouthclub.co.uk