Inspiring young women to Make a Difference!

Here at Warrington youth club our mission statement is to inspire young people to achieve. One of the ways in which we have able to do this is by taking young girls Gemma Kubiena and Chantal Taylor to London for the day to take part on a conference called. ‘From Law Breakers to Law Makers’

The event itself was part of a larger celebration to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of women in parliament. The Girls along with the other Delegates took part in an afternoon of insight and discussion to celebrate the last 100 years of Parliament Qualification of Women.

Gemma Kubiena and Chantal Taylor, both studying Law at Priestley College. Where chosen by their tutor to accompany WYC to the event. On arrival they were greeted by inspirational women from all walks of life, different backgrounds and political stances, it was great to see that the event had been organised across all political parties. It was powerful to see that even though these women may have  different beliefs and values, they were brought together by a common goal.

During the event a panel of women lead discussions including: Minister for Women Victoria Atkins, Baroness Jenkin and Stella Creasy MP as well as BBC Woman’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey. Both Girls took part in discussion and had chance to stand up for what they believe in. The girls where particularly taken by Gina Martin who led the campaign for a law to ban the taking of pictures under a person’s clothes without them knowing – colloquially known as ‘up skirting’.

Chantal Taylor who is also studying fine art; with her current project being about women and law. Said “she was really inspired by the day, and made her think that girls like her could make a difference”

Gemma, who also studies Sociology and Religious Studies, hopes to one day represent women in court or as a campaigner. Said she “couldn’t believe how large the event was and that so many women had come from all over the country”.

Both the girls also took part in break of workshops in the afternoon, which they fully participated in. Chantal led her group in looking at the way in which Police, law and media have made a culture of “victim blaming” and how there are no laws or policy on this.

Gemma discussed how there should be more people in parliament that look and speak like her and her peers. She spoke about how there is a lack of representation of women of colour or ethnic minority backgrounds and lack of northern speaking MP’s.

Both girls are a credit to their College, family and of course WYC. What better way that to set a seed of hope than through young people.

For more information on our Girls project please contact our Personal Development Project Co-Ordinator