Inclusion Cup 2020

Yesterday our Buddy Up team and seven young people went to Wigan Youth Zone for the Inclusion Cup.

We competed alongside six other Youth Zones in the following:

  • Bowling
  • Climbing
  • Golf
  • Just dance
  • Art challenge
  • Music challenge
  • Gym challenge
  • Nerf gun challenge
  • Relay races

All the young people worked together as a team and encouraged each other to try their best with the older members supporting the younger ones when they needed extra help.
It was a non-competitive environment which allowed every young person to have fun without any added pressure from their peers.

Isabelle Rudge, Buddy Up Co-ordinator commented “Two of our young people; Daniel and Josh started a lovely friendship on the trip which we have seen continue in youth club.

“We had fun in every activity which resulted in us winning and returning home with the trophy!”

“Daniel told us that it was the best day out he’d ever had and asked if he could take the trophy into his school to show everyone in assembly, which he did on Friday”

Parent feedback:

“He enjoyed trying the different sports and felt it was organised really well. Another successful day out that was out of his comfort zone and was at ease throughout”

“D has shared that he really enjoyed today, and he has said thank you to you and the team for taking him. It was his first trophy he has ever won, and he was especially proud of his team for giving their best effort and for winning. He really enjoyed the Nerf, the climbing wall and especially enjoyed meeting new friends. His 3 favourite instruments where the electrical guitar, the drums and the piano and he has said that when he went into the recording studio he was totally blown away. Again, thank you for today Nuvvy. He really appreciated it. He has been smiling nonstop since he got Home”

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