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WYC Hiring for NCS Summer 2020

WYC is hiring for NCS Summer 2020 Staff We are looking for NCS Team Leaders and NCS Assistant Team Leaders – in total there will be approximately 50 positions available. Four weeks work Lots of… Read more »

NCS Autumn Graduation

Warrington NCS 2019

Whilst most people are getting ready for Christmas, WYC’s NCS team were preparing for the Autumn 2019 Graduation ceremony, to celebrate to achievements of the 67 young people completing the programme. Our venue for the… Read more »

NCS Warrington Summer Graduation

WYC NCS Warrington 2019

Congratulations to our NCS Warrington Summer Graduates! Their successes were celebrated on Thursday 19th September at the Parr Hall in our Graduation Ceremony. Some highlights of the evening included: 385 young adults attended having completed… Read more »


On Thursday 13th September 2018, Warrington’s Parr Hall was decorated with lights, glitz, glamour and excitement as OnSide Warrington Youth Club hosted its National Citizen Service, celebrating the achievements of over 300 participants. NCS is… Read more »