Buddy up at Knowsley Safari Park

Last Saturday (23rd November), the Buddy Up team took a group of five young people by minibus to Knowsley Safari Park to see hundreds of safari animals.

During the safari drive they saw Rhinos, Camels, Lions up close and Monkeys being mischievous.

Isabelle Rudge, Buddy Up Co-ordinator commented “we laughed a lot as we watched the monkeys terrorise other people’s cars and climb on top of them”

WYC Buddy Up“After lunch the group watched Roger & Arthur the Sea Lions put on a funny and educational display.  The young people had time in the play area before visiting the bat cave – an interesting experience for our young people as it was very dark and full of bats flying very closely to their heads.

“Continuing the foot safari, they watched the birds of prey show where vultures and owls flew over our heads and walked closely to our feet.  After that we managed a quick visit to see the Giraffes, Meerkats and Tigers before heading to the gift shop to conclude our day out”

“It was an extremely enjoyable day and for most of our young people on Buddy Up it is somewhere they have never visited before or experienced seeing animals in this way. We would like to plan another trip to return in the summer.”

Comments from our young people include:

  • Alfie – “The bat cave was so scary, but it was my fave”
  • Meagn – “I’ve really enjoyed today, thank you to Isabelle and Nuvvy for bringing us here on a trip”
  • Courtney“Wow, we saw lions right next to the minibus window!”

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