An Evening with George Ezra

George Ezra VIP Experience for young person at WYC

Warrington Youth Club - George Ezra ConcertLouise Chung, one of our young people on our Able to Manage Programme was invited with her Mentor Zoe Dunne to join WYC supporters Matt and Kirsty Morphet of Chevron Traffic Management at the George Ezra concert in Liverpool.

The evening also included a meal at a restaurant before heading to watch the concert at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.

Louise (17) has overcome several barriers in her life so far and is now focusing on improving her situation with the support of her mentor Zoe. During their mentoring sessions Zoe has been teaching Louise how to live independently, budget and gain practical skills to help increase her employability. Louise has been involved in many aspects of WYC and our aim is to support Louise to achieve her full potential. Zoe Dunne said of the experience; “It was a lovely evening, taking Louise out for her first concert. She was so genuinely happy with everything we did, from the pizza to the concert.”

Matt and Kirsty wanted to provide an opportunity to a young person to try something they had never done before and inspire them. The evening included a sit-down meal in Liverpool and then a VIP box at the Arena to see George Ezra.

After the show Louise said. “It was so nice to be in a different place, doing new things. It’s the first concert I’ve ever been to and it was the best night I’ve ever had. We danced and sang to the songs and had a really good time. It’s given me a new perspective on my life and I feel more optimistic about my future.”

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